Our practice is kept small by design, so you can enjoy benefits not found in a typical doctor’s office —
  • Plenty of time: Time to be heard, understood, and cared for thoroughly.
  • Always your own doctor: Every visit. Every call. Every time.
  • Peace of Mind: Sometimes a text, email, or phone chat with your doctor is all you need.
  • Availability: Easily reach us directly — no call centers or frustrating menus.
  • Convenience: Same- or next-day office or virtual visits. On time, unhurried and relaxed.
  • Advocacy: Help navigating and coordinating your care in a complex system.
  • Savings: Save time and expense of unnecessary urgent care visits, hospitalization, and medications.
  • Home visits on a case-by-case basis.
These foundations are often missing in the traditional healthcare and insurance system.


Primary Care

We can serve as your Primary Care Provider, with an emphasis on the root cause of illness, prevention,
and lifestyle factors.

Lifestyle Medicine Coaching + Classes

Interested in adopting healthier lifestyle habits? Your support also includes quarterly follow-up visits (in-office or virtual) to help you learn and reinforce healthy lifestyle habits. Plus, we offer complementary coaching sessions for Nutrition & Fitness coaching / Weight Management, and in 2024 we’re excited to offer Yoga, Movement, and Meditation classes.

Member Perks

Member-only events, e-newsletters, and resources. Receive discounted pricing on our aesthetic services at

Build on a trusted partnership, commitment, and consistency —
so you can take charge of and see lasting improvement in your health!


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