Maggie Gao

Very nice staff and Dr. Laho is amazing and professional… Can’t thank him enough.

John Welch

From the first time I saw Dr. Laho, my experience has been nothing short of transformational. As someone grappling with multiple medical conditions, finding a healthcare professional who not only understands but also empathetically guides you through the process is a rarity. Dr. Laho stands out in this regard, and has made a profound difference in my health and in my life. Read more…

What sets Dr. Laho apart is his extraordinary ability to blend his own medical expertise with that of his deep network of top-notch specialists in the Boston area, all of which have been invaluable partners in helping him treat my various health concerns. His ability to coordinate my care with these specialists has ensured a holistic and seamless approach to my healthcare.

Dr. Laho’s practice breaks the mold of traditional healthcare experiences in this day and age. The ease of securing same-day or next-day appointments is a testament to his commitment to accessibility and patient-centered care. Each appointment with Dr. Laho is a learning experience, as he dedicates significantly more time per appointment than any traditional PCP I’ve been to, meticulously explaining every aspect of my health and treatment plan. This educational approach has empowered me to take better control of my health.

Another aspect of Dr. Laho’s service that I greatly appreciate is the integration of technology in his practice. The office leverages a dedicated app (“Spruce”), which allows me to send him text messages, documents, or photos at any time. The app is a total game-changer. His responsiveness to inquiries via the app and the ability to have my concerns addressed promptly provide immense peace of mind and have absolutely saved me time by avoiding an unneeded urgent care visit.

In summary, Dr. Laho is not just a physician; he is a true partner in health. His blend of professional expertise, personalized care, and innovative use of technology makes him an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a concierge medicine doctor. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Laho to anyone looking for a healthcare experience that is as compassionate as it is competent.

Jennifer Beltrani

Excellent medical facility. Clean, professional and helpful. Highly recommend.

Nikolin Gace

I have been with 3D Medical for the past two years and it has been amazing. Whether it’s a routine check or something more urgent Dr. Kasimati and Dr. Laho are always there. Their attention to detail and follow up is what makes all the difference.

There are not enough great things to say about them so the best way to experience it is to stop by and get a glimpse of the future of healthcare.

Cafer Tayyar Irmak

Dr. Kasimati is an amazing supporter. He is helping for anything you needed. This place will be my #1 place!

Stela S

Great staff, great location. Nicole is very caring and thorough. Highly recommended.

Arian Simaku

I recently went to 3D Medical and I just want to say that I am more than happy with my experience there. I noticed the clinic open up and I was curious to try it out because I was tired of waiting for my doctors at the regular hospital so I went for a regular check-up and I walked out feeling great about my choice to go here at this private practice. The staff there was incredibly friendly, and I felt right at home. The organization, hospitality, and overall quality of the medical staff really impressed me. 

3D Medical is truly an incredible place for your regular checkups, questions and help on insurance, and many more!

Xhejms Struga

3D Medical was very professional, they were able to help me finish my lab test, physical exam and required vaccinations in time. Great service and I will always recommend.

Mandila Andrea

The staff and the doctors are amazing. The doctors went above and beyond to expedite my surgery. They answer the calls at any time of the day and are conveniently located. I highly recommend.

Evisa Zejnati

I would like to share my best experience at 3D Medical. Dr. Haki is wonderful. He is caring, competent, human & honest. I highly recommend the clinic and wish them best of luck! 🙂

Yuncheng Man

Nice people, clean space, lovely neighborhood. Enjoyed the service.

Doriana Andrea

Very satisfied with Dr. Laho & Dr Kasimati. It’s very convenient, same/next day visit, no wait time. They have also easy access via secure email and phone with the doctor. Staff very friendly. Highly recommended.

George Stasa

Doctor Laho really cares for his patients. You will never feel rushed here.

Annette Lipwich

Great medical care!