Meet Our Doctors

Ivi Kasimati, MD

Board Certified, Internal Medicine

My passion for practicing medicine is fueled by the opportunity to connect with people, understand their needs and apply my skills to help them.

As a specialist in Internal Medicine, I care for patients with a variety of chronic medical conditions. Our medical training taught us how to address problems and treat patients once they are sick. Well, sometimes this can be too late. I believe that we need to focus on prevention before the problems even start. I prefer to educate patients on how they can make healthy lifestyle choices that are built on their long-term goals and are sustainable. Read more…

My goal is to guide and support my patients to achieve healthy living in 3 main dimensions as a human being (health, fitness, and beauty).

I graduated from University of Tirana “Mother Theresa” Medical school within the top percentile, and continued my training in the US where I completed my residency program at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, NY. I also served there as Chief Resident. I have been practicing as a hospitalist for the last 2 decades, and in addition to my 3D Medical Concierge practice, I also enjoy teaching Physician’s Desk Reference (medication prescribing) courses to Harvard Medical students.

Recently my interests have moved to providing dedicated personalized care integrated with lifestyle medicine and prevention.

On a personal note, I enjoy spending time with my wife, kids, and friends. As a father of four, life can be beautiful and challenging at the same time. We like to organize different trips, engage in sport activities, and enjoy many social activities. I love to meet with friends and discuss different topics from social issues to history and philosophy. My favorite past time activity is soccer, a game I have loved since I was a child; I continue to both play and follow the sport.

A good part of my free time is spent helping the community and I serve as a Board member of AFC-USA (Albanians Fighting Cancer USA).

Haki Laho, MD

Board Certified, Internal Medicine

As a co-founder of 3D Medical, Dr. Laho believes in a practice model that allows his patients to trust that they come first. With over two decades of medical experience, Dr. Laho understands the importance of compassionate, personalized care and the value of comprehensive, unhurried appointments where all your concerns can be heard. His cohesive blend of knowledge in primary care, internal medicine, and critical care makes him uniquely suited to anyone’s healthcare needs. He believes in empowering his patients by being readily available to address their concerns and being their advocate in coordinating advanced care.